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What is Golf Shaft Frequency Matching?

Shaft Frequency Matching is simply a fancy way of saying that each shaft in your bag has the same characteristics of flexibility (Flex) - which is especially important in a set of irons! You would simply be amazed the clubs of other manufacturers that we test that arent even close to what they say they are... you know those little labels on your shafts that say R,S,X etc.,...I even checked a 3 wood the other day for one of my clients that had S on the shaft and after testing it is was a Low A Flex! (more on flex ratings below)

Whether I use one of my own custom shafts or shafts that I get from other manufacturers, I test each shaft (especially after assembly in a completed club) to check it's flex before it gets released to my shipping department to send to you or our stores for sale.

You may have heard the 'Industry Standard' terms of Lady Flex, Senior Flex, Regular Mens Flex, Stiff Mens Flex, X-Stiff Mens Flex, etc. However, my philosophy is to get rid of those terms (and the gender factor) since I custom fit and test each individual to find out the exact flex that he or she needs to fit their golf swing exactly!

Once I find that certain and specific flex for you and your swing, I will build a set of clubs based upon those specifications and then, once assembled, double check them for matching and accuracy. If I determin that you needed a strong regular flex, then what you will get is a strong regular flex. If I find a shaft that does not meet my strict tolorences, then I pull that shaft and replace it and start the process again. One time I had to go thru 7 shafts to find one that passed! No extra charge for my customers! That's just what I do for my quality!

I use a certified industry standard calibrated computerized light generated frequency analyzer which gives me a reading in CPMs (Cycles per Minute) of a golf shaft. watch a short video about this I then convert that CPM reading into a frequency rating numbering system which is usually 4.00 to 8.00. My standard numbering system is:

4.0 = Low A Flex
4.5 = A Flex
5.0 = Strong A Flex or Low Regular Flex
5.5 = Regular Flex
6.0 = Strong Regular or Firm Flex
6.5 = Stiff Flex
7.0 = X-Stiff Flex
7.5 = XX-Stiff Flex
8.0 = XXX-Stiff Flex

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