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What are Custom Made and Fitted Golf Clubs and Why Get Them? (short version)

Custom made and fitted golf clubs are just that... golf clubs that are custom made and fitted to an individual golfer and just for them by specifications and findings based upon, but certainly not limited to, height, weight, age, length of arms, the distance from wrist to the floor, hand size, swing speed, along with characteristics of their golf stance and their golf swing. Once those many variables are found, then the last part of the fitting process is to have the golfer hit on a lie board to determine the proper lie angle that they need and then discuss loft angle - which usually comes around a month later when the golfer has time to hit his clubs for a while and get yardage averages.

Think about custom made and fitted golf clubs like the clothes you buy. You dont just go out and buy shirts, pants, socks, and shoes without atleast looking at the size on the tags right? And, I know a good majority of you - especially you ladies out there - actually try stuff on in the dressing rooms even after looking at the tag size because why.. every clothing manufacturer fits a little different right? Yep, a large shirt from one manufacturer might actually be another manufacturer's regular. I know that I wear a size 12 in a New Balance shoe but a size 11.5 in a Foot Joy. So, this clothes analogy pertaines to golf clubs as well!

Custom made and fitted golf clubs usually dont come with a 'brand name' attached to them - as the major club manufacturers wont sell us clubmakers just heads - which is still a major factor in over 50f all golfers staying away from custom golf clubs. Those golfers just have to have the big brand names of what Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, or Annika Sorrenstam is playing and maybe they also want a little bragging rights with their buddies just to be able to say 'Hey, look what I just bought.. a new set of Callaway Fusion Irons... I paid $899.00 for them'... only to still shoot 104 and loose 9 golf balls. No, Im not bashing Callaway, just using them as an example. Please uderstand that the high price of clubs such as Taylor Made, Callaway, Nike, Ping, etc., simply are about those major corporations getting their money back on their investments and marketing costs like magazine ads, tv commercials, sponsoring golf tournaments, and of course paying top players excellent money to play their equipment. The price of custom made and fitted golf clubs are usually around 50ess than what you would pay for a brand name. Please also understand that the final price you pay for clubs DOES NOT determine the quality and/or performance of them and that custom made and fitted golf clubs should no longer be thought of as 'clones' or 'copies' of the major manufacturers. The club heads that almost all custom golf club makers and fitters use come out of the same foundries in China that produce 95f all golf clubs in the market - yes, including the big brand names as well - and are usually made out of the same materials such as 431 stainless steel for irons and SP700, 6A4V, or 15-3-3-3 Titanium for drivers.

Custom made and fitted golf clubs are usually made and assembled better than the major manufacturers (by club makers and fitters that are actually up on the latest technology) as BEFORE ASSEMBLY all club heads should have been weighed, all golf shafts should have been weighed, frequencied (checked for flex), and spine-aligned/balanced. Then, a finished club should have been checked for its static weight, its swing weight and frequencied. Major manufacturers simply dont have the time to do all of this to a golf club but a good custom golf club maker does and will do it as that is the only way he or she can make you the best set of golf clubs for you!

So, if custom golf clubs are made specifically to a golfer by their personal specifications, are made from the same materials as the major manufacturers, are assembled better than the major manufacturers, cost around 50ess than the major manufacturers, and have been proven to help your game, why arent all golfers getting custom golf clubs? That's a really good question.

Please just give me a shout if I can help you with getting custom fit for clubs.. or, if you would like, you may visit CustomClubBuilders.com to find a clubmaker in your area!

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